So You Think That You Need A Website?

If your website is more than 10 years old then truth be told, you are long overdue for an update.

The world of digital marketing technology is fast paced, and what used to work a decade ago simply doesn’t anymore.

This reality can be very frustrating for business owners who invested a lot of money having their website designed previously.

If you are feeling disappointed that your website needs a refresh already, you aren’t alone.

One of the most common complaints we hear from new clients is that they feel like they just cannot keep up with all of the changes in online marketing. Just when they are finally up to date, something switches and their entire online marketing strategy falls apart.

This can be a hard burden to bear especially when you are a new, small or medium sized business operator who simply cannot afford to update their website every time the rules change. And some web designers aren’t always transparent about this, promising you a website that is state of the art but neglecting to let you know when the website designed for you has become obsolete. The issue, with this, of course, is with your website’s visibility and SEO ( search engine optimization ). Really old websites can be dinged pretty harshly by the algorithm. If you don’t keep your site up to date, you may find that it gets buried beneath your competitors.

But what can you do?

Now some may tell you that this is just the consequence of not staying up to date and the only way to win is to pay a website designer to redo your website every few years. But we’d actually disagree with this. You see, although trends in online marketing change and the trends in website design evolve one this never goes out of style: and that is content.

When it comes to creating an online presence for your business content is everything!

Having quality content produced to represent and promote your business online will always maintain its value and when you invest in a content strategy it will actually pay you back in time.

Why is this? Well, in order to understand how content works to promote your business online you have to understand how online marketing works on a slightly deeper level.

You see what many people think online marketing is:

Put up a website with your business details

Create a few social media profiles

Maybe pay google for a few keyword spots and call it a day

Is just not the case at all.

Online marketing goes a lot deeper and requires a person to be much more strategic than that.

Search Engine Algorithms, Ad Campaigns, and Sales Funnels Oh My!

When you start to get into the nitty gritty of what a strong online marketing strategy actually requires – you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Technical concepts like SEO ( search engine optimization ) can feel tough to grasp.

Online ad campaign creation! Opt-ins! Sales funnels!

It all seems so complex and difficult.

“ I just want a nice looking website! “ you might insist.

But is that what you really want?

Nice looking websites are just that, nice looking – but have you ever heard the expression “if a tree falls in the woods?” –

The truth of the matter is that if nobody ever visits your website, then what is the point of even having it there?  And these days most commercial websites that are not optimized with content, receive an unsubstantial amount of traffic.

The reason for this is simple nobody comes online to be advertised to!

Most business websites are just that, advertising.

What? Is Nobody Going to Visit My Website?

The harsh reality is that most people who are looking for information about your specific business will just Google it and get the details that they need, your hours of operation, location, and phone number.

Then Why Have A Website At All?

Where the opportunity to connect with new people exists is actually in the general search inquiries from people who are looking for information about what you do or sell.

Every day people research different topics of interest online. Before making major purchases many people will look at competitors websites and decide who to buy from based on what they see.

Typically, the search inquiries that bring them to this website relate to keywords and keyword phrases, not business names. So this is where the argument for “content” comes in.

Web content, the written words, images, videos, graphics etc. that represent your business online are what Google looks for and evaluates when they are deciding on what terms a website will rank on and where it will rank.

Their goal is to connect users with the most relevant “content” that relates to the search inquiry keywords and phrases.

Understanding this, you know that having strong content on your website with keywords and keyword phrases included, will increase the likelihood that your website will show up when these terms are searched. This is the basics of search engine optimization and a very important part of any intelligent online marketing plan.

However, going after keywords for the sake of ranking is not enough.

You see content is also an amazing opportunity to be creative and set your business apart!

When you have content: written copy, photos, graphics, and videos – it becomes your online presence. What people see when they discover you.

Start thinking of it this way and you can see an incredible opportunity to connect with your customers.

Plus investing in content, and building that online presence will allow you to avoid the distress of having your website become irrelevant. Content that is that is considered high quality by both the search algorithm and people always will do well and it can withstand changes in trends and changes in the algorithms.

Content is also something that is tangible that can be repurposed to promote your business in different ways. Even in a scenario where your website layout gets modernized the footprint created by your content, earns you your organic SEO allowing your website to continue to rank on the keywords that are most relevant.

You Don’t Need A NEW Website, You Need Content!

So what is the point in revealing all of this to you?

Well, it is pretty simple. You don’t need a new website, you need a content strategy.

A plan to produce high-quality digital multimedia meant to represent your business online.

Yes, a website can host your content – but that’s just one small aspect of your entire web presence.

Content can also be published in different places online and promoted using paid advertising to generate new interest in your business.

Information content, that has value to people who are doing research can actually generate traffic to your website and resolve the issue of it just sitting there – doing nothing at all.

And once you understand how and why content is the place to invest yourself you can start to look at ways to design it, that will appeal to the target audience that you are after.


Who Wrote This?

My name is Brandie Peters, and I am the B and the P in Creative Marketing Strategies. In 2012, I started my career online as a content writer and later began consulting and developing strategies. My passion is digital story telling using content and social media! I am also an avid Facebook Live Broadcaster and I still blog just for fun!

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