Why Website Content is Everything When It Comes to Marketing Your Business

Content is key when it comes to marketing your business online. Why? Because content is the only thing that is going to generate a constant flow of traffic to your website.

Without traffic, you cannot collect leads or generate sales from your online marketing and without leads and sales, what is the point?

Most commercial business websites do not generate a substantial amount of traffic because they lack content. These days, if people are looking for information about your business they can simply google your business name and find what they need, hours of operation, location, phone number, email etc. For this reason investing thousands of dollars in having a website that acts as a glorified business card is not a great idea. To put it frankly, you may as well not even bother because your website will just sit there gathering dust.

This is especially true if you haven’t populated it with any unique content at all. The chances of your website showing up on keyword searches for anything other than your business name are slim. Showing up organically on related keyword searches is the only thing that is going to make a true difference in how your website impacts your bottom line. And that is what you want when you invest in marketing isn’t it. More sales?

Yes, I Want Sales!

Tell Me More About This Content

If you are brand new to the world of content marketing what you need to know right now is that content puts your website to work.

There are two things that you need to consider about your website content.

The technical: being the organic SEO ( search engine optimization ) – having a high-quality content on your website will allow you to rank on keyword searches.

The creative: written copy, videos, graphics, photos etc. allow you to establish your brand, tell a story and set your business apart.

When they work together, the technical and the creative, you can create a standout web presence that is strategically designed to help you generate leads and sales.

Just like, with traditional marketing, your content marketing can be designed as part of your overall branding. The reason for having it, being to grab the attention of online visitors, provide them with the need to know details about your business and of course, close the sale.

One thing that we firmly believe is that your website should work for you when you aren’t working.

It should design to highlight the unique aspects of your business and get people excited about buying from you.

How Can Content Get People Excited About Buying?

The way we look at it is that content is a unique opportunity to tell your business story and highlight your passion for what you do, while also providing value to an audience.

What the content is that is created for your business will be dependent on factors such as, your unique selling points, mission, message, objectives and of course the “need to know” information that will turn browsers into customers.

We personally feel that each commercial business needs a unique strategy, but the qualities of what makes for great content is always the same!


What is the pain point that your product or service resolve?


Why did you decide to do what you do! Share your passion in the form of an awesome story – connect with your customers by sharing your why.


What are the benefits of choosing you, and only you! How are you different than your competitors and what do your customers really need to know.


Nobody comes online to be sold to. So your content should offer some form of value to your audience. What is value? Entertain, engage and inform. Tell people about yourself without overselling yourself. Producing useful resources and materials that bring people to your website because of the resources that you have shared on it.

Getting Started With Content Marketing Isn’t As Hard As You May Think

Now I know what you are probably thinking.

“This all sounds good and well, but I have absolutely no idea where to begin…. how much is this all going to cost?”

Getting started with content marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming – and typically it begins with a bit of strategic planning and a real discussion about your online marketing goals. Just like with anything related to marketing your budget will be taken into consideration and the marketing strategy that you end up with will be created to suit what you can afford.

Additionally, we would argue that investing in the production of content to represent and market your business online is a good place to put your marketing dollars because:

  • Content grows in value over time
  • Content can easily be repurposed
  • Content enhances your social marketing
  • Content always increases search engine visibility

When you have quality marketing content to work with, the results you garner from your paid marketing ( Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc. ) is often much much more.

Investing in search engine marketing and social media advertising without quality content to share is just a waste of money. No matter what you do for business, content design is the first ingredient in online advertising – and when you have serious goals in mind for your business it is the best place to start!


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