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This website design project was all about updating the E-commerce functionality of the existing Dress Your Lashes website. Using the Divi Theme and W00commerce we were able re-outfit Dress Your Lashes existing WordPress site and give it a full makeover. In addition to this, we also provided website owner with Divi Theme training so that she could refresh and changer her website seasonally.

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When Bamboo Innovations came to us, they were struggling to utilize their existing website. They also had various duplicate content issues because their website had been designed as a copy of another bamboo retailer. In order to correct these issues we gave bamboo innovations a completely custom look. Focusing on their unique story and brand image we refreshed their site as well as integrated their shopify store into the site.


Video Production: Working with Dress Your Lashes, we created this storytelling video to capture the essence of what this store is all about. The video was filmed on-site and created using an interview style format. Much of the B-Roll came from the original photo shoot for the Dress Your Lashes Lookbook project.

Video Editing: Jessica had a series of videos that she had recorded for her opt-in funnel that needed to be edited and have music put in. We did this for her taking her footage and making it more cohesive, cutting out any errors or repeated lines as well as adding music and branding.

Video Editing: Lindsey had recorded this introduction video for her Webinar: How to Turn Your Blues Into Bliss she asked that we edit it for her and add some subtitles to it ( this was before Facebook automatically added subtitles ) we completed this for her, as well as assisted in planning and promotion of this video.

Video Editing: I had been enlisted to work on some campaign content for the Australia based non-profit Porn Harms Kids.

It turned out that they also required some help with their video content – as the original edit was un-useable. I was enlisted to shorten the video, do color correction, add additional music and create new wording for the slides to make the video match the rest of the campaign. 

Video Concept Consulting: This storytelling video for Prairie Girl Outpost: Createbooking was a project that we consulted on and helped to script and plan. The video itself was shot by Not A Robot Studios in Calgary Alberta. Our involvement in the production of this video was as an advisor and creative content consultant.


Social Media Management: For several months we managed the Lindsey Ellison social media account on the behalf of Lindsey. During this time we composed daily postings, created beautiful branded graphics and dramatically increased engagement levels by interacting with Lindsey’s audience. When this project was completed we had doubled the follower count on Lindsey Ellison’s Facebook and helped her sell out her online course Thrive.

Social Media Management: To help Bamboo Innovationa relaunch their business and improve their online presence, we were brought on board to temporarily manage their social media accounts. Focusing on creating more engagement on the Bamboo Innovations Facebook page, leveraging interest in their products through Pinterest, as well as growing their Instagram account. In order to help Bamboo Innovations stand apart from other Bamboo retailers, we decided to focus our strategy on creating custom content.



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