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BP Creative Marketing Strategies

The first ingredient to any content marketing strategy; great content written just for you.

At BP Creative Marketing Strategies we provide strategic content writing services for business owners who need some copy written for their website.

How Does It Work?

Hiring us for content writing may just be a one off thing ( we hope not ) or part of your large content marketing strategy. No matter what the scope of the project all of our content writing projects start with a meet and greet followed by a full consultation.

The purpose of the consultation is to better understand your business and what type of content will best suit your needs. Because we want to make sure that your content is 100% unique to you, we also ask you a selection of interview questions to help us get a better sense of your business objectives and personality.

Once the consultation process is completed. We go away and write the content that you have ordered. Typically delivering the first draft within 4 – 5 days ( dependent on workload ) and then a final copy ( fully edited with unlimited revisions ) within 7 days. * Unless otherwise stated.

Content Writing Packages:

In our experience pricing content writing by the word or by the hour can be limiting. Therefore, we have created a selection of packages for our content writing services to provide more value and assure that the content we deliver is top quality.

*All packages include research, consultation, unlimited revisions, and editing

Website Content Starter Package


1 Killer About Me “Business Story” Page – approximately 1200 words

4 Core Informative – SEO optimized content pages – 1000 words each

1 Sales page – covering the who, what, and how of your business – full paragraphs or blurbs 

+ story discovery interview ( unlimited )

+ input and formatted directly into your WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace website for you

+ light SEO keyword research ( for content pages )

+ FREE SEO assessment of existing website

Package Price $1200

SEO Booster Package 

8 SEO Content Pages – Information / Resources ( research time included )

+ input and formatted directly into your WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace website for you

+ Light SEO keyword research ( for content pages )

+ FREE SEO assessment of existing website

Package Price $900

Commercial Blog Package 12 – One Year Worth Of Content

12 SEO Keyword Optimized Blogs for Your Commercial Website 600 words min

+ light SEO research

+ FREE SEO assessment of existing website

+ input and scheduled into your WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace website for you!

+ mini social media sharing plan ( for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram )

Package Price $600

W/ title stock graphics for social media created for you!

Package Price $800

Email Marketing Starter Package

12 Fun and Catchy Emails for Your Email Marketing List! 400-word min

1 Welcome to My List Introduction Email for New Sign Ups

+ scheduled into your MailChimp or other email providers for you!

+ 30-minute training for NEW email marketers

Package Price $560


Ghosting writing services: Ebooks, Guides, Course Materials Etc. 

General copywriting


Product descriptions

Facebook Posts

Single SEO Pages

Other,  Just Ask!


How long will it take for me to receive my content pages?

Depending on the amount of research involved and the specifics of your project content writing deadlines will be dependent on initial consultation and be based on the scope of the project. Although we strive for a fast turn around ( within a week ) there are many factors that may make a package content writing project take longer. If you have any concerns about the timeframe please do not hesitate to bring these up during your consultation appointment.

What if I don’t like what you have written?

We have an unlimited revision policy, this means that revisions to the content – not matter how extensive – can be made at no additional cost ( within reason ). If you receive your first draft however and are unhappy with the content, where you would like it redone please send detailed feedback to brandie@bpcreativemarketingstrategies.com. Your feedback will help us improve the content quality and deliver to you a second draft that is more to your liking.

For our writer’s protection: after a first draft has been completed by the writer and delivered to the client ( regardless of whether or not it is completely re-written ) your deposit will not be refunded. Full payment is due only once you are fully satisfied.

Can I Combine Packages?

Sure, if you need a custom package created because you are looking for a substantial amount of content then we can do that for you. The package prices are meant to give you a sense of what content writing services from our team are going to cost. Please do not hesitate to send us a message with your specific content needs so that we can create a custom package quote that will suit your needs!

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