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Content Production Services By BP Creative Marketing Strategies

Let us help you find some direction!

You already know that content marketing can help your business stand out!

However, you are absolutely clueless about where to begin.

That’s okay! At BP Creative Marketing Strategies we provide content marketing strategy development services for businesses owners who need some help mapping out their content plan.

How does it work?


Content Strategy Development is the first initial phase in the implementation of a content marketing plan. When you bring us on board as your content strategist we work with you and your team to come up with a plan to start using content to promote your services and generate new leads for your business. Just think of it as borrowing our brains for a bit!

During the consultation phase of development will sit down with you via zoom conference call or in person to discuss the different challenges that your business currently has with online marketing and what your goals are for the future.

Part of this consultation is about getting to know you and your business! We use our unique questionnaire to help better understand who you are and what your business is about.

This is also your opportunity to ask us anything! If you have pressing questions about content marketing this is where we will be available to answer them for you.

Research and Development

Next up is the research and development phase. Where we go away and do some investigative research to better understand your industry, target demographic and assess your current online presence. We also look at any content that is being produced in your niche’ by your competitors. This gives us a sense of the content landscape and any trends, or concepts that we need to be familiar with.

Research and development are also where we look into the keywords and keyword phrases that are related to what you do and sell. Using the best keyword research tools we will be able to come up with an S.E.O ( search engine optimization ) strategy for your content so that you can increase your organic ranking.


Once we have wrapped our brains around your dilemma and come up with some plausible solutions – we present to you our concept – Mad Men style!

That’s right, we pitch to you a potential online marketing strategy for your business based on our initial consultation and all of the research that we did!

During this meeting, we will go through the information that we discovered during our research and our reasoning for going the direction that we went.

At the end of the presentation, we should be at a point where we are ready to pass everything off to you so that you can proceed on your own or – if you want to stick together ( like good buddies should ) we can lay out the next course of action to continue to get your business rocking at this whole content marketing dealio.

Content Strategy Development Includes:

  • FREE 20 minute meet and greet
  • Consultation Meeting W/ Story Discovery Interview 
  • Brain Pick Session ( Q&A)
  • Collaborative Brainstorm ( Unrestricted ) 
  • Research and Development ( Up to 10 hours ) 
  • Presentation 

The presentation includes concept proposal; creative proposal, research, assessment, budget breakdown, and story briefing. May also include: conceptual materials such as photos, mock ups, and write ups to accompany proposal and establish a vision.


How long does this content strategy development process take?

The length of time that it takes for a content strategist to deliver a full strategy proposal varies from project to project. However, one of the first questions that we ask in our meet and greets is “what is the scope of your project” – if you have deadlines that you want to meet. For instance, you need this content strategy by last Tuesday, then we will do our best to accommodate. Since you cannot rush good creative, we like to give a little bit of time between the initial consultation and the presentation for development. If you are pushing for a specific deadline, we suggest that you book your consultation ASAP so that we can get our creative caps on and deliver for you!

What if I don’t like your proposal?

This is why we always leave plenty of time for discussion and creative brainstorming when we work with new clients. We understand that the first ball pitched doesn’t always fly out of the park. ( although we have a pretty good hitting record ). Therefore, if we get to the presentation phase and you do not like the direction that we are going let us know. We will take your project back to the drawing board and do some more work and come back to present to you again.

Who owns the content that you put together as part of the presentation?

Ownership of the ideas discussed in our consultation and the concept that we pitch in our presentation belong to you, our wonderful client. Even if you do not go ahead and use our services further, or if you decide to just go a completely different direction all of the research and creative work that we deliver at the presentation WILL belong to you. *Includes written materials, interview notes, and any conceptual mock ups

What if I just want to pick your brain?

If you are not at the point where you are prepared to go ahead with entire content marketing strategy, but you do want to learn more about content marketing consider booking a straight up the consultation session with one of our strategists.

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