Content Marketing Strategy For Bamboo Innovations

Project Overview:

In February of 2017, we connected with Bamboo Innovations a bamboo flooring and bamboo construction company based in Medicine Hat ( retailing across Canada ). Owned and operated by entrepreneurs Jodana Tokamp and Dustin Tizzard, Bamboo Innovations had been in business for over 10 years and was one of the leading retailers of Bamboo Flooring in North America. They came to us for a strategy consultation and some content development services. With the key objective being to increase the traffic to their websites, improve SEO and give some focus to their social media marketing.

The Problem:

Despite being an in business for over 10 years, the online presence for Bamboo Innovations did not match the accomplishments or the stature of the business. Having struggled with website function and design, the client had two websites that hosted duplicated content, much that had been borrowed from their competitor site. An SEO assessment revealed that their biggest issue was duplicated content that was making it impossible for their site to rank well organically for target keywords. The client had been investing hundreds of dollars in Google Ads with another company ( who was charging them to manage the ads ) and not getting great results per dollar.

When we looked deeper at this issue we saw that the paid marketing efforts were driving traffic to the bamboo innovations e-commerce store. However, the average time spent on the page was mere seconds and they had an incredibly high bounce rate ( around 97%). What this told us was that visitors to the website were immediately leaving. When we looked at the traffic behaviors we saw that those who didn’t leave went immediately to the contact form for more information.

Additionally, another content problem that the client was struggling with was product awareness and information. They were frequently being contacted for general facts about bamboo products as many people required information about the product before making a purchase. Explaining the basic benefits of choosing bamboo and why they ( as entrepreneurs ) advocated for this renewable, sustainable and durable building material also seemed like a vitally important piece of the puzzle that was missing.

The old website had been structured like a simple e-commerce site, however, sales from the website were null. And most online sales were happening over email and via the phone.

The Proposal:

After extensive evaluation and discussion about how we could best begin to improve the online presence of Bamboo Innovations, we delivered a proposal that included:

  • A total revamp of the website, with a focus on content publication ( blogging ), business storytelling, and hosting information about bamboo products and materials
  • Playing down the e-commerce aspect of the website and making it easier for leads to contact the client directly for sales ( as the large ticket items never sold through the store anyway )
  • Development of an email marketing campaign plan to nurture new leads and re-activate the existing list
  • Creation of an informative PDF E-book explaining the benefits of bamboo and how to care for it
  • Campaign creation for social media and online
  • Re-evaluation of paid marketing strategy and in-house management of Google and FB Ads ( with training )


The first phase of development was scoped to be completed over 6 months – with ongoing content work and social media management assistance. By August of 2017, we had completed the vast majority of the first phase and were light launching with a new website, 100% unique content ( no more duplication ) and had begun to grow the social media profile.

This is the original website mock-up submitted with our content strategy proposal. The objective was to capture the unique personality of the entrepreneurs, play up the small eco-friendly business and add some playfulness to the brand! We felt it was very important to set Bamboo Innovations apart from their competitors by emphasizing the unique aspects of their business.

New Website Features

– WordPress Theme Running Divi Theme By Elegant Themes 

– Friendly Design ( Revamp of Branding )

– Custom Photography Featuring Jodana and Dustin

– Integration of Shopify into Website ( E-commerce )

– Inclusion of  Email Opt-in For Bamboo Booklet 

– Over 5000 words of unique SEO Optimized Copy

– Writing of Business Story ( Long & Micro )

– Integration of Facebook and Instagram Social Media

* Including live on Website FB Messenger – 

– Inclusion of full blog functionality for long term content strategy

Other Features

– Content Publishing Calendar for commercial blog

– Keyword research & planning

– Social Media Management and growth strategy

– Email marketing: content writing ( 12 email series ) set up and integration of MailChimp

– Google Analytics Dashboard Integration

We felt it was important to bring the personality and story of the entrepreneurs into the picture. One of the first things that we did for Bamboo Innovations takes a series of branded portraits to be used on the new website and throughout the social media.

The Story:


A Bamboo Business built on a foundation of hard work, love for the environment and a little bit of crazy. Or at least, it felt a little crazy back in 2008 when Bamboo Innovations was first founded.

A literal, labor of love, Bamboo Innovations was a partnership of sweethearts Dustin Tizzard and JoDana Tokamp. JoDana ( the feisty tree and animal loving one ) wanted to bring some eco-friendly alternatives into Dustin’s construction business Dead Bolt Construction.

After installing a Bamboo Fence for a family friend, Dustin agreed that Bamboo was sort of awesome and so they took a gamble and imported their first flat of bamboo fencing officially going into business together. Like any young couple in love would do, they spent their weekends selling bamboo out off a flatbed in Walmart Parking Lots. Eventually upgrading to traveling across Canada to set up at Home and Garden Trade Shows. They worked together to grow their bamboo business, advocating Bamboo as an environmentally friendly alternative to other

construction materials. Because bamboo can be harvested and grows back quickly, it is a fantastic option for the eco-conscious homeowner wanting to build a green low-impact home. Visit to read the full story…




Crazy about saving Canadian forests by providing durable, sustainable alternatives to traditional hardwoods

Crazy about building an eco-conscious, environmentally friendly business that you can feel great supporting

Crazy about thinking big while staying small, continuing to provide personalized service to each of our customers!

Crazy about changing the world one bamboo cult convert at a time – encouraging consumers to build green and be green in their homes and in their lives.

Check it out on


The Blog:

The Bamboo Innovations blog is an ongoing commercial blog strategy. The purpose is to populate the Bamboo Innovations website with high-quality content, that increases their visibility with search engines and helps to drive traffic to the website. The blog content is planned to be informative and focus on educating people about the benefits of choosing bamboo as well as the going on with the Bamboo Innovations business. Over the next year, we will be publishing one blog per month – with the strategic plan to produce content already laid out in advance.



Since launching this strategy “light phase” July 2017, we have already seen a great improvement in website visitor response. 

  • Opt-in funnel for the PDF e-book is up and running, generating new leads each day
  • Website traffic is averaging 20-100 visitors per day – with no Google Ads or Paid Promotion
  • Will be re-introducing paid advertising ( FB and Google Ads in the next phase of launch )
  • Average time spent on website per visitor is now at a healthy 1-minute average, with bounce rate improved to 60%
  • Customer response to new look and personalized feel of the Bamboo Innovations presence has been more than positive
  • Organic keyword ranking on target keywords is increasing 
  • All duplicate content issues have been resolved
  • Continue to work on the S.E.O and visibility of website 
  • Social Media profile growth steady

We still have some work to do, before our work with Bamboo Innovations is complete, the improvements that have been made so far are obvious. The new website has been designed to provide visitors with all of the information that they need before making a bamboo purchase and the PDF Booklet generates new leads daily. The client’s story is now a prominent part of their marketing and is helping to set them apart from their competitors.

Currently, we are in the process of developing a paid marketing strategy ( Google and Facebook Ads ) to generate new traffic to the Bamboo Innovations website.

We’ve also launched an email marketing campaign to activate a list of 4000 email leads, that the client had been holding.

The social media accounts of Bamboo Innovations are also now active and generating new interest. We have been specifically impressed with the growth of their Instagram profile now that daily content is being published and promoted.

Looking forward, the future of Bamboo Innovations online looks promising. Within the next 6 month, they will be in full launch with a complete online marketing strategy rolling out for their business. In addition to developing this strategy and collaborating on much of the content BP Creative Marketing, has also been actively training the team members at Bamboo Innovations so that eventually all of their online marketing: website maintenance, social media management, ads management and day to day content creation can be done “in house.”

For the time being, we continue to work closely with Dustin and Jodana helping them Bamboo Innovations’ online presence to where it needs to be.

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