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Alright, so your online marketing strategy calls for all sorts of crazy content!
And well, you, you aren’t that tech savvy and you know that in order to pull it off you are going to need some creative support.

Hey that’s alright! We love to help people take what is in their imagination and make it a reality. We can assist with a wide variety of online marketing content creation tasks such as:

Content Writing
Social Media Profile Set Up
Social Media Content Planning & Scheduling
Social Media Post Creation
Video Creation
Video Editing
Graphic Creation
Website Concept Moch Ups
Website Content Mapping
WordPress Website Set Up 
WordPress Website ( Complete Design )
Email Writing
Branded Photography
Custom Stock Photography
And More! ( Just Ask )

Depending on what your content marketing strategy calls for we can put together a custom package that will assure that you get what you need “created” so that you are not at all limited in what you can do. We believe that where there is a will there is a way, and we will work together with you to make sure that you do not need to compromise on content quality or are not “left hanging” when the time comes to roll out the strategy that you have dreamt up.

How It Works


If you are a new client then we need to start with a creative consult to discuss your online marketing plan and get to know each other a little better. In this consultation we will discuss your plans and the logistics of getting your content produced. If you aren’t sure what type of content you need to be creating we can work this out here. 

Content Production Plan:

We know that you are eager to get your content finished and launched, but all good things take time. Once we have a sense of what is required to get your marketing off the ground, we will layout a project scope and timeline to give you a sense of timeframe. Your timeline will be dependent on the amount of content that is required and wheither or not we will be bringing other people on board to help get it done. 


Based on our discussion about the scope of the project and the timeline, we will also lay out a plan for content delivery.
Very often we break up strategy implementation into a light-launch and full launch split up so that you can get the essentials of what you need up and going and then we can plan to deliver the rest once it is completed. 

Certain services such as content writing ( for emails, blogs or social media posts ) can be delivered in packages. Terms for delivery services like video production or wordpress website design will be established on a case by case basis.


There are so many different types of content that can be created, how do I know what I need?

Yes, looking at the many different content creation things that we can do for you ( or that you can even do for yourself ) it can be overwhelming. This is why we like to start with a strategic plan where everything is laid out and considered in advance. Going through the content strategy development process will allow you to gain a better understanding of how content can help you to promote your business, allow you to brainstorm and consider the different possibilities as well as discuss the logical things like budget, timeframe, and quality. 

At the end of the strategy development process you will have a totally do-able checklist of the content items that you need to have produced in order to do what you want and promote your business in an impactful way online. From there, we can provide you with a quote and a schedule for content production so that you know how long it is going to take and what your investment is going to be.

I want “all the things” how do I narrow it down?

Although having a smorgasbord of content to promote your business with may be tempting – we believe in “quality over quantity” and that you need to consider all of the logistics, again: budget, timeframe, etc. before you over-commit yourself. That said, it all goes back to the strategy and what you need in order to achieve the business marketing goals that you have. 

How Do You Write For Me?

When you hire us to do the content writing for your business, whether it be the core pages of your website or everything including your Facebook posts – we do this based on our knowledge of you and your business. We get the information that we need directly from you and do our best to understand who you are and what you are about before we put anything out there on your behalf. Everything that we do write to market your business will go through you first. You will be able to review and edit it ( and ask for revisions ) if there is anything that you would like to change!

Video Production, What Do I Need?

We do provide full video production services locally here in Medicine Hat and surrounding area. If you would like us to create a video for you and you live elsewhere travel expenses must be considered in the quoted price.

However, if you are located far away and would still like our assistance getting your video made we can help in a few ways. 

Coaching – where we work with you and let you know what needs to be in your video based on our discussion about your marketing strategy and the overall plan for your content marketing.

Videographer – if we cannot be there to help you, we can assist in finding you someone who can. We have an extensive list of creative contacts all over the globe and will not hesitate in aiding you in the videographer hiring process.

Video Editing – You’ve decided to go the DIY route and get all of the footage yourself? That is fine! Let us handle the editing. We have everything needed to edit together your video and get it ready to go for you.

It Says You Do Branded Photography? What Is That?

Branded photography and custom stock photos are something that we are proud to offer! Very often when you hire a photographer you are limited in a number of pictures that are provided to you. This can be very frustrating for online entrepreneurs who need a lot of images to use over for their online marketing. This is why we have decided to begin to offer branded photo shoots for our clients. Need a shot of you at a desk, how about you working with a customer, would you like some awesome pictures of your business location? We can do all of these for you for one reasonable price. Plus we will also instruct you on how to use these images for your marketing in a strategic way.

WordPress Versus A Custom Developed Website

We are not a web design service. I repeat we are not a web development services. We provide WordPress site design and if WordPress is the right fit for you, we can hook you up with an awesome content powered website.

However, if WordPress is not what you want – then we also know many talented website developers who can put a fully custom website together for you. When it comes to deciding what type of website you are going to have for your business, we can advise you in the initial consultation process so that you are able to make an informed decision. 

What Are My Options For Paying You?

When you are ordering a large quantity of content for your marketing, it can be quite costly. We pride ourselves in making our services available to new, small and mid sized businesses by offering payment plans. Dependent on the scope of your project we can split your payments over many months in order to make it more affordable to you!

Case Study: Bamboo Innovations

We recently worked on a strategy development project with an exciting client, Bamboo Innovations. Check out this case study where we break down what we did to help improve the online presence of this eco-conscious business, develop a story, and bring their unique personality to the forefront of their marketing! – Check it out –

Case Study: Dress Your Lashes

Another awesome strategy development project that we have been working on is for an online clothing retail brand ( and brick and mortar store ) Dress Your Lashes. In this case study, we share how we have been collaborating with Dress Your Lashes to create a standout web presence for this business. – Check it out – 

Could You Be The Next Cool Person Who We Work With?

Let’s put our brains together and come up with an awesome plan to promote your business online using the content. Our consults include brand story discovery to help us better understand your vision. We also go over the logistical aspects of your online marketing such as goals, budget and what content you will actually need to get it done!

Give us some time. Before we can present a strategy for your online marketing we need to do some research and look at some of the different options availble. During this time we look at your competitors and study current marketing trends in your industry. This is also where we do keyword research for search engine optimization. 

Alright, now that we have an idea of what we want to do ( and it has been approved by you ) the next step is laying out the content production process. Based on the timeline, scope and budget we will create a check list of content marketing materials and a plan to help you get them created. We will assist you during this entire procress so even if you aren’t very creative or tech savvy, we’ve got your back.

We did it! Sort of – now we’ve got to pull it all together. This is the part of the process where we help you launch your new content marketing campaign and get it off the ground. Depending on your original strategy and goals, we will work with you to “take the training wheels off” so that you can keep your marketing going strong, even once we are out of the picture!

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