Content Marketing What Your Website Says Matters!

The time has come to invest in a new website for your business! So you start looking at the different web designers in your local area, searching for the one who can capture the essence of your brand and build you the website of your dreams.

After all, if you are going to spend thousands of dollars revamping your site, you certainly want to make sure that it is modern, beautiful and has all of the bells and whistles. No expense should be spared as your website is everything… isn’t it?

Well actually, when you think about the amount of traffic that most commercial websites generate, just a handful of visitors each week, the substantial investment of around 2000 to 5000 dollars isn’t really paying off. The average commercial website that has just a few hundred words of information doesn’t really do much for a business because all it does is act as a virtual business card; sitting there kinda stagnant and filling people in on your hours of operation and a few other standard points.

Now, this is something pretty typical for a business website representing a new, small or medium sized commercial business. Typically, the business owner is new to this whole online marketing thing and trusts the web designer to create the website that they need. Web designers, who do not specialize in S.E.O ( search engine optimization ), S.E.M ( search engine marketing ) content marketing and conversion strategies will typically focus on branding and design. The business owner ( unless they have knowledge in this area ) will usually go along with this because they don’t really know better. And the only question about how the website will generate traffic is just “will my website rank with Google?”. To which the designer will respond, yes. Knowing that the website, if it is put together properly, will rank when the business name is searched.

In this scenario, the web designer isn’t really being insincere, but the end result isn’t exactly what the business owner expected. This is because, when a business owner invests in their website they have the belief that their website will generate online leads for them. However, if that website doesn’t garner any traffic – or the only traffic that it gets are people who already know the business name and are just looking for general information. The website isn’t really “working”.

And frankly for something that costs thousands of dollars, shouldn’t it be doing more than just sitting there looking pretty?

Another important factor that has to be taken into consideration is the current state of online marketing and the dramatic advancements that have been made in the world of web design over the last decade.

Sure, it wasn’t too long ago when creating a website from scratch was a very technical task and professional web design was in high demand.

However, these days – websites themselves are not really worth what they used to be. This is because there are affordable, nearly free, web design options availble for any business operator who has the ambition to do it themselves.

And although the traditional web designer will try to steer you away from doing it yourself options because obviously, it takes away from their bottom line. If the website that you are after is essentially just supposed to fill people in on the fast details and rank on your business name, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t just put together a simple do it yourself site and save yourself the money to invest in other areas of your marketing.

If that’s what you want…..?

But chances are, that’s not actually what you want. If you are a commercial business owner who is hoping to generate leads from their online marketing, you likely want your website to be strategically designed to collect leads and even close sales.

What you need to understand, is that this isn’t what a website does by itself. Ordinary websites just take up virtual real estate. Content strategized websites, however, generate new leads and sales because of the content that is hosted on them.

So truthfully, the website is just a vessel. It simply is a piece of virtual real estate that hosts your website’s content. When you start to think of it this way, it is easy to see where the better place to invest your money is.

You can have a simple, affordable website – potentially created on WordPress, Squarespace or Wix and put it to work by producing high-quality unique content that has been created for the purpose of marketing your business.

Content that is strategized, to appeal to your target audience, drive traffic to your website, capture people’s information and even give them a reason to return to your site is a much more intelligent choice.

In addition to this, having content that represents your business: written copy, photos, graphics, and video also gives you something to promote and share on your social channels.

When created with your target audience in mind, you are producing advertising materials that can be repurposed and turned into marketing campaigns.

Using both paid and organic content networking strategies, the content that you have produced is now able to do what you had hoped your website would sell your products and services to people online.

Content Design Is Key!

If you really want to go deep into it, the hay day of web design is quickly coming to an end.Due to all of the advancements in online technology, the introduction of new channels for online marketing and the reality that custom coded websites are no longer essential to a establish an online presence, websites as we once knew them are obsolete. Websites, today need to serve a purpose and have a function. They are really just one small part of a businesses online presence.

Content design is where it is at! Planning your online marketing from the perspective of creating content materials for multi purpose; hosting on your website and sharing on your social media. And developing content plans as part of a goal oriented conversion strategy is the modern direction. It also doesn’t have to be extremely complex. Where many smaller business operations might argue that content marketing is too big for their britches, we’d actually argue that it is exactly with what they should be focusing on if they want to achieve their growth goals and tap into the thriving online economy.

It all goes back to the fact that people don’t come online to be advertised to!

Most people are merely tolerating online advertising, not seeking it out.

Search inquiries for specific business names only occur when the customer is already familiar with the brand.

Content allows you to promote your products and services to people in a way that is less invasive than a traditional advertisement. Actually, offers them substantial value. Plus it helps you capture their attention when they are looking for information or entertainment.

At the end, the of the day what your website says ( and what it has on it ) REALLY matters. The website itself, actually not so much. Appearance and design mean very little when nobody ever visits. Content gives people a reason to visit your website and creates an opportunity for you to win them over without having to be such a desperate salesman.

Who Wrote This?

My name is Brandie Peters, and I am the B and the P in Creative Marketing Strategies. In 2012, I started my career online as a content writer and later began consulting and developing strategies. My passion is digital story telling using content and social media! I am also an avid Facebook Live Broadcaster and I still blog just for fun!

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