Content Marketing Strategy For Dress Your Lashes

Project Overview:

In January of 2017, we were contacted by Stephanie Sissons of Dress Your Lashes Fashion to assist with her online marketing strategy. After building her business from a small jewelry and bag consignment store to a full consignment fashion boutique ( carrying both used and new fashion items ) in just over 5 years, she was ready to build an online presence and start retailing her products online. Only dabbling in online marketing, and struggling to get a handle on her social media strategy, Stephanie was looking for our assistance in creating some fresh content to represent her brand. She was also hoping that we could help her revamp her branding message to appeal to a more diverse demographic, strike a chord with a younger audience and tell her own story as an entrepreneur.

The Problem:

The biggest issue with Dress Your Lashes current approach to online marketing was a lack of original content. Despite being a fashion retailer with tons of options for creating custom content and showcasing the products in the store, Stephanie has been using stock photos and the images provided to her from her wholesalers. We identified the lack of custom content as the first biggest hurdle and where an immediate difference could be made in her marketing. Because of the timing, we decided to work backward with Stephanie and start the project with some basic social media training and advisement so that she could get her Facebook page off the ground, before we deep dove into her website strategy.

Stephanie’s Dress Your Lashes project was unique with two challenges present as far as presence and marketing were concerned.

  • Increase visibility for her brick and mortar location in Medicine Hat
  • Begin to transition her business into online retail with a new website

We also immediately identified an opportunity to share the story of Dress Your Lashes, and Stephanie as an empowered female entrepreneur. We felt that the key to successfully marketing this business would be to highlight its unique and inspiring origin story.

* In addition to this, the client was spending money on Facebook ads / promoting content on Facebook without results.

The Proposal:

When we looked at the short and long term goals that Stephanie had for her business dress your lashes we presented the following proposal:

  • Story discovery – development of a new slogan – and creation of a mission statement
  • Creation of original content for the social media marketing ( custom photography )
  • Development of a printed “Lookbook” to be shared in Medicine Hat as promotion for the business
  • Extensive social media coaching and training
  • The creation of a storytelling video
  • Revamp and re-design of the website integration of E-commerce
  • Blog and email newsletter strategy
  • Facebook Ad Strategy and Targeting


The development of the content and work on this project was scoped to occur over a 6 to the 8-month period with ongoing implementation assistance and support for the client.

This is the original website mock-up submitted with our content strategy proposal for the new Dress Your Lashes Website. The objective was to use the content created for the Lookbook and social media to add a personal touch to the new e-commerce store.

The Dress Your Lashes Spring and Summer Lookbook was also a huge part of what we put together for this businesses marketing. Instead of traditional flyers or print advertising, we created a high res glossy booklet that was supplied to businesses throughout Medicine Hat. We also promoted and shared an online version.

New Website Features

– WordPress Theme Running Divi Theme By Elegant Themes 

– Friendly Design ( Revamp of Branding )

– Custom Photoshoot W/ A Day In The Life Photography

– Integration of Woo-commerce ( E-commerce )

– Inclusion of Email Opt In For Newsletter

– Writing of Business Story ( Long & Micro )

– Development of marketing slogan

– Integration of Facebook and Instagram Social Media

* Including live on Website FB Messenger – 

– Inclusion of full blog functionality for long term content strategy

Other Strategy Features

– Content Publishing Calendar for commercial blog

– Keyword research & planning

– Social Media Management and growth strategy

– Email marketing: Iintegration of MailChimp

– Google Analytics Dashboard Integration

– Direction and assistance with Lookbook Photoshoot

– PDF and Print Version of the Lookbook

+ Video Concept, scripting, filming & editing of Storytelling Video

Story Video


The Story:

“They say that what confidence is everything. If you feel good and believe in yourself you can do anything – you, can practically take on the world.

After all, what is confidence anyway but a strong sense of self and belief in one’s own worthiness?

It all sounds great on paper, but for many women feeling confident and worthy every day is a struggle. Let’s face it, with everything that we are up against, body image, motherhood, messages telling us that we should aspire to perfection it can be tough out there for a woman!

Be confident they say, it will change everything that say – yeah right?

I mean most days, once we get the kids out the door and our butts to work, we’re lucky if we can trade up our yoga pants for something with a zipper and pull our hair up in a messy bum. Finding time to make ourselves look and feel good ( like we should ) is seldom a priority and what it usually comes down to is what we can pull together with the little free time that we have.

Live this way for days, months, years… you can start to lose sight of who you are as a women. And that essential confidence – you know that stuff that makes you feel like you can do almost anything – slowly fades away.

What does this have to do with the story of Dress Your Lashes you ask?” Read Full Story…

THE New Slogan”

“Confidence Free With Every Purchase”




Email marketing was something that had been an integral part of the Dress Your Lashes Brand previous to our involvement. However, what we did do was set Stephanie up with an email marketing strategy that integrated her social media content and was more focused on brand building and telling the story of her business.


With everything that this ambitious marketing project required we are happy about how far things have gone in a short 6 month period. Moving forward there is still work to do to promote the e-commerce side of the business and develop an SEO strategy to help with online sales. 


This project has been launched in campaign phases, starting with the social media marketing ( Facebook + Instagram ) then the Lookbook – followed by the New E-commerce Website and Video. So far there as has been a lot of success milestones – with the client reporting a large increase in sales and a decrease in ad spend. 

  • Opt-in for email newsletter up and running
  • Facebook Page steady growth +4000 follower  ( Instagram 1000 followers ) 
  • Lookbook response has been positive
  • Video response has exceeded expectations, 30,000+ views  

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