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Hey, there awesome person! Thanks for stopping by our little home on the web. In case you have not caught on already we are BP Creative Marketing Strategies. We are an online based content marketing firm that specializes in multimedia content production for online marketing. Based in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada we are not limited by our location. We provide content strategy development services, content writing, and content production services for business owners everywhere and anywhere. Our motto is “Visibility helps them find you and connection makes ’em care!” Our passion is for digital storytelling. We believe that high-quality content ( written copy and multimedia )and truly engaging social presence is the best way to promote your business! 

The Qualities of A Stand Out Web Presence

The 10 Qualities of A Stand Out Web Presence Newsflash: Your Online Presence is So Much More Than Just A Website Welcome to the year 2017, where simply having a website is no longer that impressive. Didn’t know that? Well, it is true! These days anyone, and their kid...
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How To Tell The Difference Between Content Marketing and Traditional Advertising

In this modern era of web design, getting a website up and running is actually pretty easy. Getting people to visit that website, well that’s a whole other story… In case you are new around here and didn’t already know, we believe that the best way to generate traffic...
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Should I Create My Own Website Or Pay A Website Designer to To Do It For Me?

Working With A Web Developer Versus DIY Website Creation -  A Few Things to Consider: These days do it yourself website creation is easier than ever before! Thanks to popular services like Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace anyone can create a relatively functional and...
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Content Marketing: What Your Website Says Really Matters!

Content Marketing What Your Website Says Matters! The time has come to invest in a new website for your business! So you start looking at the different web designers in your local area, searching for the one who can capture the essence of your brand and build you the...
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Don’t just create a website, create a web presence!

These days having an awesome online marketing plan requires so much more than just a website! If you want to be successful marketing your business online then you’ll need a strategic marketing plan to help you stand out. With all of the different options available to market and promote your business on the web, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We help you figure it out with a goal focused strategy designed to generate leads and interest for your cool biz!…  Learn More

Let us put your business into words!

What your website says really matters! The copy on your website should capture the personality of your brand. It should be 100% unique and written with your ideal customers in mind. Yes, search engine optimization is important but it is real customers your are aiming to capture, not Google bots. We say, enough of this boring yawn igniting S.E.O content! We write for people not for crawlers but guess what? The search engines love our website content too… Learn More

Videos, graphics, and photos oh my!

These days website content is so much more than just the words on a page it is multi-media. The graphics, photos, and videos that are included on your website are what will grab people’s attention and determine whether they fall in love with you – or peace out, and go hire one of your competitors. For this reason having great branded content is certain to help you stand out online. Need help pulling it together? Yep – we do that!… Learn More

How can you set your business apart?

Successful online marketing requires so much more than just a website! It is about showing up in the right places and connecting with the right people. Gone are the days when you could just put up a website and call that good enough! If you want to generate business from your internet marketing efforts then you are going to need a strategy!

Around here we have the philosophy that we follow “visibility helps them find you, connection makes ’em care” what this means is that in order for your marketing to attract the right people it has to show up where they hang out online and speak to your audience in a way that resonates with their interests. It also means that the less your online marketing feels like advertising the better. Instead, what really works is interactive and engaging content that appeals to your target demographic!

How do you go about creating this type of online marketing content? Well, it all starts at the drawing board. The way that your business shows up online should be 100% unique and original! After all, they say that first impressions are everything and what your business is all about should be immediately obvious! 

Not sure what you want your message to be? We can help you figure that out. We provide online marketing strategy development services that include story discovery and content planning to help you refine your marketing message and figure out what type of written copy and multimedia will help you best express this message to your audience! 

The Qualities of A Stand Out Web Presence

The 10 Qualities of A Stand Out Web Presence Newsflash: Your Online Presence is So Much More Than Just A Website Welcome to the year 2017, where simply having a website is no longer that impressive. Didn’t know that? Well, it is true! These days anyone, and their kid...

We Aren’t Marketers. We Are Storytellers!

Here at BP Creative Marketing Strategies, we are enthusiastic about digital multimedia storytelling and creating stand out content that actually generates results. We ARE NOT passionate about marketing because we believe that the content that anyone publishes online should make the world better, not worse! The reality is that most people merely tolerate online marketing. Do you really want your customers and fans to be “tolerating” you when they show up or would you rather give them a gift in the form of high value informative and engaging content?

The little-known secret about online marketing is that the best online marketing. doesn’t feel like marketing at all! When you work with us this is what we do differently.

By bringing your story to forefront of your marketing message –

Capturing the essence of your business in the form of written copy and visual imagery –

Creating 100% original custom content just for you! –

Focusing on the strategic aspects of your marketing and developing a plan to help you achieve your business goals –

All the while thinking about the real people who are the receiving end of your message! Our goal first and foremost is to make them smile… smile so hard that they cannot help but buy from you!

CONSULTS $175 Per Hour!!!!

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Let’s put our brains together and come up with an awesome plan to promote your business online using the content. Our consults include brand story discovery to help us better understand your vision. We also go over the logistical aspects of your online marketing such as goals, budget and what content you will actually need to get it done!

Give us some time. Before we can present a strategy for your online marketing we need to do some research and look at some of the different options availble. During this time we look at your competitors and study current marketing trends in your industry. This is also where we do keyword research for search engine optimization. 

Alright, now that we have an idea of what we want to do ( and it has been approved by you ) the next step is laying out the content production process. Based on the timeline, scope and budget we will create a check list of content marketing materials and a plan to help you get them created. We will assist you during this entire procress so even if you aren’t very creative or tech savvy, we’ve got your back.

We did it! Sort of – now we’ve got to pull it all together. This is the part of the process where we help you launch your new content marketing campaign and get it off the ground. Depending on your original strategy and goals, we will work with you to “take the training wheels off” so that you can keep your marketing going strong, even once we are out of the picture!

Did something we said tickle your fancy? The best way to get started working together is by just saying hello! Drop us a line and let us know who you are and what you are about. We will get back to you as soon as we can! 

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